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Support Us

As you can imagine, we can only survive with both funders and supporters.

Every year we approach possible funders, submit applications and await the results!

If we are successful we can go ahead with the projects and activities that we plan for the benefit of the community in Islington.

We also welcome the support of individuals, such as parents, trustees, Friends of IBC and our volunteer workers, their hard work is greatly valued.

If you would like to join us as a supporter there are several ways:

Become a Trusteefriends copy

Become a Friend of IBC

Join our mailing list

Make a donation

Offer your skills

We really do appreciate, and depend on, the help of our community and our supporters.

Islington Boat Club,
16-34 Graham Street, Islington,
London, N1 8JX
020 7253 0778.

Registered Charity 287680
Registered Company 01743087